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YFC Multisite Update Log

🥳 New Update Block

April 2022

Your WordPress dashboard now features this update block! You’ll be able to see updates on bug’s we’ve fixed and upgrades we’ve made on your website, so you never miss out on a new feature. We’ll make monthly updates, so stay tuned for more site improvements. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know at support@whiteboard.is.

The Whiteboard Team

⚙️ Ministry Post Integration

April 2022

We developed a new integration for Impact and WordPress. Now, you can add and edit Ministry Sites in Impact and WordPress will update automatically. We are still testing this integration, so if you run into an issue, please email us at support@whiteboard.is.
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🍯 Installed Honey Pot

April 2022

We installed a Honey Pot Spam Protector that will help ward off malicious or bot-generated email addresses in your forms to help keep those email lists clean and tidy.