On average, 1.2 million youth are arrested each year and approximately 400,000 of them wild find themselves in some form of permanent detention. On any given night, there are approximately 50,000 youth who will sleep in a juvenile detention center and on average, within the first 3 years of release, 70 to 80 percent of these youth will be rearrested.


At Youth For Christ New York City, we work daily to combat those statistics. We have the honor of working with some incredible young men and women who are either incarcerated or recently released from detention and each day, our mission is to change their lives so that we can help stop the cycle of them going back to jail.


We engage our youth with a holistic ministry model that addresses their real-world struggles with hunger, homelessness, extreme poverty, job readiness, community, and most importantly, a desperate need to know Jesus deeper.  


Our “Stop the Cycle” initiative was created to give local businesses an opportunity to pledge anywhere from 1% to 10% of their business proceeds to YFCNYC and partner with us in financially supporting our mission to impact the lives of justice system involved youth in order to stop the cycle of mass incarceration and recidivism.


By pledging your support, your partnership will allow YFC to keep on serving via:


Food and Supplies for ongoing programs inside the detention centers as well as youth and families in the community


Training for staff and volunteers working inside


Transportation for families of incarcerated youth to visit their children


Aftercare, job readiness and social services programs for youth who are transitioning back to their communities


We love to serve our city and wholly believe that God is doing something great in it. But we also believe that community support is absolutely crucial and that we cannot continue in this work without partnership. We appreciate your support and look forward to stopping the cycle together!


To give towards the Stop The Cycle initiative or find out more information, please visit our giving page https://yfc.givingfuel.com/30863 and follow the donation instructions, or email [email protected]

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