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The following story was written for Youth For Christ USA. These are real YFC Stories showing how God is using YFC as a vehicle in raising up life-long followers of Jesus all across the nation.

“I can’t believe she came.”

I whispered the words to myself as Karina walked into Youth For Christ’s Campus Life club.

It was a year since Karina’s parents had contacted me—begging for help. Karina had landed herself in a tough spot in her community. Her parents were reeling after discovering their daughter had been dating a much older man. Word of the situation also got around and the gossip soon made its way back to Karina. Hurt, she refused to attend school and eventually dropped out.

Karina was shutting down and trusting no one.

Although she had made a few bad decisions, her newfound sense of worthlessness and pain worried me the most. Her parents were too upset to help Karina navigate her next steps, so they reached out to me in the hope that I would talk to her.  

Her parents pleaded with me, “Can you do anything to help her?”

I remember telling them, “I don’t know if I can do anything myself. But maybe, if she’ll spend time with me, I can show her Who can.”

It was at a local coffee shop that Karina and I began to hang out regularly and discuss topics that mattered to her. After several months, I began to occasionally suggest she attend the Campus Life club to meet other students and learn more about God. But Karina would always shrug and say, “Someday,” but never showed…

A year later, the whisper “I can’t believe she came,” escaped from my mouth, and tears formed in my eyes as Karina, out of nowhere, made her way into the Campus Life club for the first time since her difficult journey began.

She took one step closer to joining God’s family that night. Please pray that she fully grasps God’s unconditional love and grace, amidst the flood of life’s mistakes and the cruelty of the world we live in.



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